【节选翻译/笔记】Are Bullies Misunderstood?

看了一篇Mike Faist(在音乐剧Dear Evan Hansen中饰演Connor Murphy)的访谈——"Are bullies misunderstood? Interview with Mike Faist from Dear Evan Hansen"(《“校园恶霸”是被误解的人群吗?采访<致埃文·汉森>演员Mike Faist》),感觉他对角色的理解(或者说他对剧本所传达信息的理解)和我的理解不太一样。下文截取并翻译了原文谈及DEH的部分,顺便写了写自己对这部剧以及Connor这个角色的一些想法,算是篇马马虎虎的笔记+角色分析?

You were with Dear Evan Hansen from the beginning – what was it like creating the role of Connor?


It was a process. Originally Connor was very two‑dimensional and kind of stereotypical, if you want to say, I guess just bad‑boy bully. Over the years they have complicated him and shown the parallels between him and Evan in a lot more ways. I think one of the great things about the show is that the word "bully" gets thrown out. I think the word "bully" is a made‑up term used by adults to undercut and minimize what young people are going through. The reality of what these characters are going through is the challenge of allowing other people to see who they are. So in Connor's instance, he puts up walls because people put him in a box. For him it's an opportunity for allowing Evan to see who he is and there is miscommunication and unfortunately, Connor dies and it's sad because the audience doesn't actually get to know who he is.


Did you have any experience with bullying in high school or when you were younger?


Yes, but you know, that's the thing. This word "bully" gets thrown around and the reality is, that's not true. The only reason we use the term "bully" is because we are dealing with high school kids in this story. As adults everyone gets bullied every single day and no one calls it that. So the word "bully" actually minimizes what young people are going through. Connor isn't a bully. He is someone who is misunderstood. If anything, he is someone who is put in a box and everybody goes around and they say "oh, don't talk to that kid because he is different." Because he is put in a box, he then puts other people in the same box or he puts up a guard and he pushes people away. If you look at how Jared deals with Evan and how Evan deals with high school and even how Alana tries to survive, how all of these children are trying to survive, it's truly challenging. With Connor, his way of survival is to put up a fence. Because the minute he allows other people to see who he actually is, I think he loses and I think that"s how everyone goes about throughout the entire show. So to say Connor is a bully I think is really unfair and just not true. In reality, it's the lack of ability to allow yourself to be seen for who you really are. And miscommunication. And missed opportunities.


What advice would you give to kids who are in that situation?


Well, you have to talk about it to adults, but the problem is – I don't know if it's a relationship issue between adults and young adults, or if it's just a lack of trust that kids have to end up to talking to adults, but I think by using terms like "bullying" and things like that, it minimizes what kids are going through.


I guess if I had any advice to give to an Evan Hansen or a Connor Murphy is to try and realize that this point in your time, wherever you are, is short‑lived and everything comes in seasons and happens in seasons and that's life. Life isn't about finding out who you are. It's about creating who you are and part of that creation is a wall. There is a bad place. But you just got to buckle down in those tough moments and keep going.

要说我有什么建议能够提供给像Evan Hansen或者Connor Murphy那样的孩子的话,那就是试着去认识到,不管你生活在哪里,你生命中的这个阶段是非常短暂的,所有事来了又去,这就是生活。生活的重点不在于寻找自我,在于创造自我,而那堵墙就是创造过程的一部分。人生总有一处阴暗的角落。但你需要做的只是全力以赴熬过这些艰难的日子,继续前行。

  • 我:我把剧中多次出现的Connor分为真实的Connor和Evan脑海中的Connor。真实的Connor言行粗暴,不会向其他人展示深层次的自我;Evan脑海中的Connor说话友善很多,敢想敢言,富有对爱和关注的追求,更像是Evan的另一个自我,因此如果讨论Connor这个角色,那么应该把真正的Connor的举止作为依据。而一旦把两者分开来看,可以发现单个角色的面貌还是比较单调的,毕竟本身出场的时间就不长,短短三个片段(Anybody Have A Map、走廊、计算机室)。不过要是把开场以及后来计算机室的片段放在一起看,还是能发现这个角色所具有的层次性。

    此外Evan和Connor之间的相似性主要体现在Anybody Have A Map当中,剧本把两个家庭的对白、场景平行化,其间的异同也就很明显了。Jared对他们的态度也是一个体现。



    看完Dear Evan Hansen一段时间后,我总在想如果计算机室里的对话是另一种发展,Evan和Connor的命运会怎样。Connor对Evan展现了富有同情心的一面,只有他为Evan的石膏签了名字。如果没有那封信的误会,他们是不是真的可以成为朋友?但Connor与其他所有人之间的那道防线使得任何努力都要经受重重考验。防线两边小心翼翼的两个人要想规避误解,包容差异实在太难了。但是更多的时候,多愁善感的人如我总会觉得那天在计算机室里,Connor错过了一个坚持下去的机会,然后“如果”“如果”……许多个无用的“如果”接踵而来。

  • 我认为这里所有角色身上能够看到的共性正是DEH的精髓所在,这部剧的主角虽说是Evan,但是随着不同角色出场互动,观众可以透过对话和歌词看到他们心中所共有的恐惧。Evan和Connor的心魔没有被孤立化,而是隐约地体现在其他每一个角色身上,并由此带出那首歌——You Will Be Found,这是说给每一个人听的。

  • 关于青春期的建议总是那么鸡汤,但鸡汤并不意味着就不是实话。生活从来都不是完美的,而我们这代人所面临的问题就是存在感缺失。我们的社会已经发展得如此庞大,每天都有那么多的事情发生,也正是因为身处在如此庞大、丰富的世界里我们才感到自身的渺小,感到前所未有的孤独。人与人之间的关系难以维持,因为周围的变化太快,一次错失就可能导致永久的不对等。我很想加一句不是过了青春期就不难熬了啊,人这一辈子都是要受生活欺负的,但不可否认总是会有出路的,像Larry对Evan说的,走出困境需要耐心,需要时间,过程虽难,但这才是正确的道路。不管怎么说,有很多事情的确是可以用时间来解决的,或者说,一段时间后人看问题的方式也会有所不同。 

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